Well Completed One Year!

Hi Guys!

Happy to inform all that DuoTech Global has completed one year in the industry. Feeling very proud, as Sharoon and myself have learned much from the industry in this one year as compared with our earlier tenure as “Employees”.

Teaching Robotics (BeITR course) to kids was fun and educative. Canara High School, Mangalore and Ramakrishna High School supported us. Totally, there were 60 students who used to fire at us with questions over questions. Those kids, really they are smart kids, loaded with advanced technology and trends, curious to know more.

Open source based implementation was good initiative and we have earned good reference from the market in this year and we will continue to capture market with our implementation and consultation services.

That’s it from me now, Catch you up soon.


Konila Ravi

Hello Friends!

Welcome to DuoTech Global’s Blog!

DuoTech Global is started by young IT industry experts with more than 20 years of experience.

Apart from consultation and system integration, our passion is to teach Electronics, IT and Robotics to school children who are our young Technology buds of India.

India is becoming strong and strong in technology and investing heavily in the area of technology education and we want to join hands with all such initiatives of India. Teaching Electronics, IT and Robotics is one of such activities which might augment such an initiative.

Please share your thoughts or comments on the same so that we can consider many such initiatives and we are open if those such initiatives benefit our young buds.


Konila Ravi